I am Nada, a servant and follower of Jesus Christ, and the wife of my Beloved, Michael. We were married in September ’09 in a lovely service officiated by a good friend and priest.  Shortly after our wedding, we agreed to let Our Father designate when and how our family would grow.  Looking back, I think I remember hearing Him chuckle at us, as we found out a few days later that we were already pregnant with our first child.  We were blessed with the birth of our beautiful daughter Naomi in May ’10.  With such great results, we reaffirmed our commitment to letting Our Father decide when and how our family continues to grow.  

My Beloved is our provider, with some contribution from me on the side.  He works for a positive, green energy company in our city designing for buildings and complexes.  Our budget is sufficient to support us and we make choices that allow us to live within our means as we challenge ourselves to pay off our debt.

I love blessing my family in many ways, including cooking, baking, cleaning, reading, writing, and making them laugh. I am indeed a bit of a nerd at heart.   I feel that my purpose on Earth is to be a loving wife and mother, sister and friend, to my family and community.  

I believe that materialism, in all forms, is one of the root causes of our world’s plight and chaos, as well as one of The Enemy’s most wicked tools.  As such, I strive to minimize our dependence on “stuff” and instead celebrate our accomplishments, milestones and successes with practical gifts or wonderful memories.  We keep our gift-givings to basic, preferably handmade gifts and try to fulfill our needs and desires frugally and without excess.  

God amazes us with his abilities to bless us in this aspect.  A little inspiration here, a little creativity there, and we find our needs cared for without spending a dime.  

Our goal as a family is to walk the narrow road together, teaching our daughter how to live and follow the teachings of Christ.  we each play an independent part in this.  My husband is our provider and head of our household and lovingly leads us.  I respectfully submit to him, and strive to be a good role model for my daughter as a woman, wife, sister, friend and mother.  My mission in every thought, word, and deed, is to be a woman who has the honor of being called “Mom”.

I wish to instill in my daughter a love of imagination and creativity, allowing her access to all outlets and experiences I can make available to her.  But in order to teach her, I must learn myself!  So I have taught myself to knit, quilt, bake, crosstitch and sew. I try to practice these tools daily!  I also intend to experiment in gardening, guitar playing and making clothes (as time permits!).

In our effort to minimize waste and consumption, we actively engage in many frugal practices, such as second-hand shopping, Freecycle, yard saling, purchasing local and organic produce, recycling, upcycling and green living.   We enjoy walking in the warmer months, and minimal driving in the colder months.  We also strongly believe in the concept of attachment parenting, and have experienced the benefits of this method many times over.

Thank you so much for visiting miniMOMist!  I hope you find our family to be a good friend and one with which you would like to share your journey.  Please feel free to connect withe anytime!  You can reach me at mamasheppard (dot) base @ gmail (dot) com.  You can also follow me on Twitter, as well as on Facebook!


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  • 1. Joshua Millburn  |  January 11, 2011 at 9:49 AM


    I dig the simple layout of your site—it’s a good, simple theme that is conducive for reading. And I respect you for making your journey into minimalism, simplicity, and decluttering known. Congrats!

    Two comments (for what they’re worth).

    1. It’s much easier to identify with someone if they have their picture on their site/blog/profile/whatever. It also makes your message more public (viz. “this is me, and this is what I’m doing to change my life.” If a silly looking guy like me can put his picture on his site, then anyone can do it. That said, my opinion doesn’t really matter, and if you’re not comfortable with putting your picture up (or a pic of you and your family), then don’t.

    2. You might want to put a contact address (email) somewhere on your site if people want to get a hold of you. Again, this isn’t a must, just a suggestion.

    Hope all continues to go well for you—I’m certain it will. Looks like you are poised to have an outstanding 2011. Good luck, let me know if we can help.



    • 2. mamasheppard  |  January 11, 2011 at 12:21 PM

      Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for the recommendations. I appreciate them. I do have plans for a pic, I just need to wait for my husband to take them. I also intend to sit down and get to blog all jazzed up, add a Twitter feed, email, subscribe link, etc.

      Many thanks! If you think of anything else, let me know.


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