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she wasn't kidding when she said she had nothing to wear

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Today is March 31st, and I have officially completed my first round of Project333.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with it, please check out Be More With Less, Courtney Carver’s wonderful challenge.

Personally, this one was easy for me.  For starters, I’m pretty low maintenance.  I don’t wear makeup.  I don’t wear jewelry (outside my wedding ring and Tau cross and occasionally a watch). I don’t attend any specific events that require social dress codes.

Secondly, I’m a SAHM.  I tend not to wear clothes that will get ruined by flinging food and grey water.  Jeans, tank tops and sweaters make up the majority of my wardrobe.  Most days I don’t even wear socks.

Having said that, I learned some fascinating things about myself during this experiment.

  1. Being a stay-at-home-mom does not give me license to be frumpy. Back in my Flylady days, I got into the habit of “dressing to my shoes” as soon as I got up.  Now that isn’t always the case.  And having a baby is a great excuse to lounge in PJs, with bed hair and morning breath, til well into the evening.  Diapers, laundry, nursing, etc.  The housework piles up around me.  But I make myself get up, get dressed and fix my hair every day (except on days when I’m not feeling well.  Then I give myself permission to lounge).  Why?  Because I feel better when I’m dressed.  Because I am more productive.  Because my husband deserves a pretty wife when he gets home from work.
  2. Even a stay at home mom can have too many work clothes.  I was shocked to see how many office clothes I have.  Dresses, skirts, shoes, cardigans, slacks!  Cluttering up my closet!  I decided to keep one simple black dress out that I knew would fit me and I put the rest away.  Now that I see I haven’t touched them at all, I will pare it down to just the basics that I love and put that wardrobe aside.  When I return to work, I can pull out the box and feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!  For free!
  3. There is nothing more valuable in a mother’s wardrobe than a good, supportive bra. Specifically, a good supportive nursing bra.  I do not have one.  If anyone has a suggestion for one, I would love to hear about it.
  4. Dressing your age makes a huge difference in how you see yourself. I have a collection of silly t-shirts. It is dawning on me that I have outgrown them, and not just physically.  They look silly on me.  As I weed out my wardrobe, I intend to add them to my “give away” piles to make room for things more appropriate to my style and needs: v-necks, nursing shirts, tunics, sweaters.  The silly t-shirts have their place, but not in my closet.
  5. Clothes last a lot longer than you think. Even the lesser quality products can be stretched quite far, farther than one would expect!  I have a pair of pajamas that I have had for over two years that are finally becoming threadbare.  A sweater that my mother bought for me as a birthday gift…eleven years ago.  I try not to buy anything that can’t just be thrown in and out of my washing machine and dryer.  And even with my roughness, I still manage to use the same items without rips, tears or stains.

So what’s next?  I think I will participate in Project333 once again this summer.  I have challenged Michael to try it too.  My husband is a wee bit more clothes-minded (tee hee hee!) than me.  I’m not sure if he will bite the bullet, so to speak.

I think after another round, I will be ready to take on a new fashion-minded challenge.  I have been following Kristy Powell at One Dress Protest and would dearly love to take on this challenge!  I followed Alex Martin’s Little Brown Dress back in 2005 as well, which I loved.  There is also the 6 Items or Less challenge, but I’m not quite there yet.

My biggest challenge in choosing and maintaining a wardrobe is to somehow work around nursing Naomi.  I wish to continue nursing her as long as she wants to and it can make clothes buying a real challenge.  But I will continue to seek out new options and opportunities to both look and feel good, and provide my daughter with proper nutrition and comfort.


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