Farmer’s Market Find: Yellow Potatoes

March 29, 2011 at 7:30 AM Leave a comment

Photo Credit: digiyesica

The following is an excerpt from today’s guest post on Frugal Granola.

“Without the potato, the balance of European power might never have tilted north.”
Michael Pollan

Can you guess how many different varieties of potato there are? 60, maybe? 240 perhaps? Possibly 483? Actually there are over 575 different types of potatoes. Wow!

However, all of these can be divided into roughly 6 categories: yellow, white, russet, red, fingerling, and blue. In this post of Farmer’s Market Finds, we are going to work on the yellow variety.

To read more, including my recipe for Creamy “Green” Mashed Potatoes, please check out the rest of my post!


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The Internet is Forever All Purpose Tomato Sauce

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