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March 7, 2011 at 2:30 PM 2 comments

Saturday for our family was a wonderul day out and about. My Beloved needed some new slacks to wear to work, and so we ventured out to check out his favorite secondhand store. While he sifted through racks of pants, I mozied over to the children’s books section. At first, I didn’t expect to find anything of great importance…until I discovered a pretty purple book.  I was struck — this was a book I had read as a child.  I was thrilled and quickly started flipping through the piles and to my absolute delight, I came away with The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash, an adorable story about a school trip to the farm, and The Brothers’ Grimm Best Children’s Stories, an older book with some amazing artwork that I remembered for years.

Then I looked deeper and discovered texts I had used in elementary school!  How exciting!  There are 32 in this series, but I found the first four.  The links don’t provide the artwork on the covers, which is a shame, because each one is gorgeous!

I also found two workbooks on teaching a child how to write.  Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find a link to them anywhere on the internet!  And I found another book teaching children about angels based on biblical passages.

I was so excited, I read to Naomi in the car on our way throughout the day.  How exciting!

We also had a gift certificate to a children’s store in our city so we used it to purchase a set of beautiful wooden alphabet blocks for Naomi.  As you can imagine, they were a big hit!  Naomi started scattering them and playing with them the minute we brought them home.

We are trying to be sure that the gifts and toys we purchase and receive for our beautiful daughter are natural and non-toxic.  We made sure that the paint was phthalate- and lead-free.  After reading Stephanie’s discussion on safe and natural toys we have begun sifting through Naomi’s toys and slowly getting rid of the “junk”.

After I had started supper while Naomi and Michael were playing with the blocks, Michael called me into the livingroom.  “Come see the message Naomi has for you!”

I love you too, my little loves!

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