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March 3, 2011 at 2:30 PM 1 comment

My Email hit 10K too!

Photo Credits: Kevin Baird
(Pssssst!  My email never got that bad!)

I am not the best at keeping up with my emails.  In fact, I’m really bad for it. What’s more, I am a sucker for online coupons, giveaways and contests. I never win and I’m horrible with coupons.

But emails? I love them all.  I love getting messages from friends.  I love hearing when people comment on my blog (*hint hint*) or send me emails after reading a post they like (*hint hint hint!*).

The problems with them, along with Twitter and Facebook is that they are time consuming, overwhelming, and addictive. No one who has ever been on the Internet can honestly say that they have never been sucked into it for hours on end, only to come away feeling almost empty.

Recently, I decided to simplify my online social life and make things easier on myself.  Here’s how I did it:

  1. I carefully screened out all the emails that came into my inbox. Newsletters, product promotions, coupon offers, and group emails were unsubscribed.  Besides family and friends, I think the majority of my emails were coming from Freecycle or Mother Earth News.
  2. Sometimes, even after I had unsubscribed from a newsletter, I would continue to get messages from them.  At that point, I simply marked it as Spam and sent a message to the email address asking to please be taken off their mailing list.  Most times that was enough.
  3. With Facebook, I created a second account that would be specifically for close friends and family and then I contacted them to join me.  I added those friends and family members to my new personal account and left my old account up for the blog.  I think I went from around 100+ people to somewhere less than 25 on my personal account. I also removed the majority of news and updates I get from “Likes” on my personal account and kept ones that were related to miniMOMist on the original account.
  4. With Twitter, I did the same thing — I created one basic personal account, and then seperated it from my @miniMOMist account!  My personal Twitter account has local news, friends, family, and other important people, so I don’t get bogged down with feeds.  My @miniMOMist account is much busier and (I’ll admit) much more fun!  I get to keep up to date with others in the Mom Blog world and enjoy reading and learning new things!
  5. Also with Twitter, I quit after my first “Twitter Party”.  It was a lot of fun!  I just can’t keep up with it all.  😛

Today, two things happened: I got a lovely email from my mother and also one from a friend I hadn’t heard from in awhile! I wonder if I would have notices, or appreciated them as much, had I not cleared out so much email clutter? Hmmm…

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  • 1. Jeanie Gillis  |  March 3, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    Oh Mama Sheppard, that is very interesting and excellent information! Thank you, makes a lot of sense. Like the part about the email from your mother too…


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