Nannie’s Day In!

February 21, 2011 at 4:01 PM 1 comment

Last Friday, my lovely mother offered to come into town to visit and spend the afternoon with Naomi while Michael and I went out for our first date in over eight months.  In all honesty, it went much smoother than I expected. But when you have a great baby and a great Nannie, what can you expect?

We left in the afternoon around 12:45, and made our way down the street for a nice lunch at a fairly inexpensive family restaurant (that we had a $25 gift certificate for!) and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.  At 1:30, we called to check in, and discovered that the girls were doing just fine and were enjoying a bit of a lunch!

So we decided to go on and get some groceries.  We took our time sauntering through and collected some big beautiful navel oranges and mandarins, which are wonderful treats for us!  After which we snuck into a bedding store to look at hypo-allergenic bedding options. Michael’s allergies require changes to our lovely bedding and so we will be looking at something he can live-er, sleep with!

When we arrived home, we expected to find a frazzled Nannie holding a tired, cranky baby.  Imagine our delight and surprise when we discovered this!

Turns out, my lovely girl, who naps poorly, found Nannie’s shoulders, coupled with a comfy rocking chair, to be the perfect equation for a warm, cozy nap. Even after we arrived home, put away groceries, portioned out a roast and a package of bacon, we still had time to begin supper before Naomi woke up! She’s gotten a good two hour nap with Nannie.

They had played for a bit, then had a bath and played with tub toys, followed by a yummy lunch and then some more playtime.  Towards the middle of the date, Naomi started getting sleepy, so after a good cuddle and walk around a bit, Nannie settled into a rocking chair and had a little nap.

Despite her invitation to stay for homemade pizza, Nannie headed home early, before the weather turned poor.  So we settled in for the night to enjoy mandarines and ginger ale.

The next day, I received a lovely email from my mom, saying how much she enjoyed her time with Naomi.  It was so nice that everyone had such a good time and benefited from it so much. Michael and I got to spend some time together, while my mother had a chance to bond with her granddaughter.

I have always been blessed with a wonderful relationship with my mother, even though I have often taken it for granted in the past.  I dearly appreciate her love and devotion to her family, through so many trials and challenges. Now that I too have a daughter, I understand better how and why she does the things she does and the maternal instinct that drives us.  I am so glad my daughter will have the opportunity to experience a close relationship with both sets of her grandparents.  Indeed, family is a wonderful blessing.

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