God’s Stumbling Blocks — And Great News!!!

February 14, 2011 at 2:30 PM 1 comment

Michael’s job interview on Friday went extremely well. We are very confident he got the job, but we are trusting in the Lord and his decisions in this aspect. We asked Him to provide Michael with a job that would provide enough money for me to stay home with Naomi, to challenge him creatively, in a positive environment and in a business that would allow him to grow.

[NOTE: See the end of this post for the results of the interview!]

We have been praying for this opportunity for what felt like forever. When Michael’s job loss became a reality, we felt the call from Him to start forward and begin looking for the right job for my husband. Something that wouldn’t drain him of all his energy the instant he walked into their doors.

On our way to visit my parents on Saturday evening, I commented to Michael, “Imagine if you had been working when this job was posted. You weren’t looking for a job at the time, so chances are you would have missed this opportunity.”. Michael agreed — this job might have passed him by had he not had the opportunity to build his website and apply. What had initially been seen as a travesty turned into a blessing!

We began looking into it more closely and began to see the stumbling blocks that God has placed in our path over the last few years throughout Michael’s career. He graduated and completed his on-site work experience program in a very good company, but it was not a job he enjoyed. He had tried to get hired on there in other departments but God placed a stumbling block in that path and nothing materialized.

When his contract came to an end, he was offered a job with another company, but was also being considered at another place. Again, God put a stumbling block in our path, and he was not hired at the other company and was instead hired by a company that just wasn’t the right fit, and was again doing a job he wasn’t completely enjoying.

We started applying at other companies but God’s third stumbling block showed up in the form of health issues and exhaustion. Between being sick, depressed and in pain, as well as beig completely depleted of energy, Michael just didn’t have the stamina to peruse other venues of employment.

And finally, the latest stumbling block, the layoff. It was quite frightening at the time, but we trusted in our Heavenly Father’s love and believe He has a purpose for this all!

Maybe this position will not materialize. And maybe it will. We don’t know for sure yet. But we are trusting in the goodness, kindness and knowledge of the decisions of our Heavenly Father. We know His hand is in this and we are trusting that He is steering us in the direction we should be traveling.

[GREAT BIG UPDATE: About an hour after I finished this post, Michael received notification that he got the job! Thank you, Father, for the stumbling blocks. They were detours on the way to the right path!]

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