Menu Plan Monday, Feb. 14th to 20th

February 13, 2011 at 4:24 PM Leave a comment

This week, we feel a bit in limbo!  We are hoping that we will hear back from Michael’s interview early this week, but for now we’re planning on continuing without change.  We will likely have a quiet week at home, with a few trips out to visit friends and family.  And because it’s so cold outside, we will likely be keeping warm indoors with quiet games of cards, playing with toys, reading and cuddly naps.

Feb 13 – Sunday
Pancakes (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Skillet Macaroni & Cheese (Dinner)
Foccacia Bread (Dinner)

Feb 14 – Monday
Universal Muffins (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Simple Leek & Potato Soup (Lunch)
Spud Special Soup (Lunch)
Cuban Bread (Lunch)
Barbecue Pork Pizza (Dinner)
Vegetarian Pizza (Dinner)
Spinach Salad (Dinner)

Feb 15 – Tuesday
Leftover Muffins (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Leftover Soup (Lunch)
Leftover Bread (Lunch)
Hummus (Dinner)
Meatballs (Dinner)
Brown Rice (Dinner)
Steamed Veggie (Dinner)

Feb 16 – Wednesday
Leftover Muffins (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Lentils & Vegetable Soup With Dumplings (Lunch)
Finnish Flat Bread (Lunch)
Spaghetti (Dinner)
Garlic Cheese Biscuits (Dinner)

Feb 17 – Thursday
Scones (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Leftover Soup (Lunch)
Leftover Bread (Lunch)
Roasted Potatoes (Dinner)
Mini Meatloaf (Dinner)
Marsala Vada (Dinner)
Steamed Veggie (Dinner)

Feb 18 – Friday
Leftover Scones (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Roasted Garlic & Tomato Soup (Lunch)
Leftover Biscuits (Lunch)
Leftover Marsala Vada (Dinner)
Hamburger Buns (Dinner)
Hamburger Patties (Dinner)

Feb 19 – Saturday
Leftover Scones (Breakfast)
Fruit Smoothie (Breakfast)
Leftover Soup (Lunch)
Homemade White Bread (Lunch)
Leftover Marsala Vada (Dinner)
Chinese Fried Rice (Dinner)
Grilled Chicken Breast (Dinner)

Feb 20 – Sunday
Baked Bacon Breakfast (Breakfast)
Chicken Salad Sandwiches (Lunch)
Faux Tuna Sandwiches (Lunch)
Roasted Potatoes (Lunch)
Lentils And Spinach (Dinner)
Beef Stew (Dinner)

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