The Perfect Wardrobe

January 31, 2011 at 2:30 PM Leave a comment

I have been on the hunt for “the perfect wardrobe” for what feels like eternity.  I feel, sometimes, like we have far too much choice with regards to fashion.  Personally I do like my clothes to look good and suit me, but practicality is important as well.

Currently my wardrobe consists of jeans and Bravado nursing tank tops (which, by the way, are necessities for any breastfeeding mom of any cup size), socks and a pair of sneakers.  But one of my favorite, most comfortable clothes to wear around the house are comfy jersey or cotton dresses and leggings with a comfy pair of sandals.  I’m a sucker for sandals.  I really and truly hate shoes (gasp!  I feel like I just broke some female code by saying that!).  I am happiest in boots, sandals or bare feet.  Not too much middle ground there, eh?

Here is my ideal wardrobe, as well as my progress towards it.

  • <CHECK> Panties x 10
  • <CHECK> Socks x 5
  • <CHECK> 1 pair brown leather sandals
  • <CHECK> 1 pair brown hiking boots
  • 1 pair black dress boots
  • <CHECK> 1 pair sneakers (also one stored for later use)
  • <CHECK> 1 pair slippers
  • <CHECK> 1 little black dress, simple, modest
  • 2 house dresses, with breastfeeding access
  • <CHECK> 5 nursing tank tops
  • <CHECK> 3 pairs of jeans (two stored away for later use)
  • <CHECK> 2 cardigans that match both house dresses and tank tops
  • <CHECK> 1 pair pajamas
  • <CHECK> 1 rainproof jacket
  • <CHECK> 1 winter coat designed for babywearing
  • <CHECK> 1 dress coat

In truth, this is pretty much my whole wardrobe.  I decided to take part in Courtney Carver’s Project 333 Challenge when she started it up again in January, but after tearing into my closet and getting it reorganized, I discovered that I really only wore 20-some items.  So this was an easy challenge for me.

But, if you have an interest in paring down your wardrobe and getting to see what you truly need, I reccomend jumping in with her now and seeing how it goes!

What is your perfect wardrobe?  I’d love to hear about it!

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