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January 20, 2011 at 5:34 AM Leave a comment

Things have been dragged down around here lately for me. I wanted to have so much more accomplished at this point, but unfortunately, that little thing we call “life” had other plans. I got sick. Then Michael got sick. Then Naomi got sick. Add to that some financial woes, some family woes, and some household chore backup. I have several projects on the go (as always) and need to get them all under control before I get done in!

On top of that, I have been seduced and swindled again! by that big obnoxious box in the livingroom that insists I waste my time with it, starring mindlessly into it’s depths, and accomplishing nothing. Grrrrr! I had better cap my TV time to an hour in the evenings again, because otherwise nothing will get done!.

So, with only 11 days left in the week, I have the following list of things due. Hopefully by me posting them here, you, dear readers, will keep me on track and motivated. I fin I work best when I am responsible to someone!

So here are my list of projects forthe next 11 days (due dates included):

01. Review a new blog for my Mastermind group. (Due 01/20)
02. Review an ebook for a friend. (Due 01/22)
03. Finish the second chapter (first draft) of my novel. (Due 01/23)
04. Review another eBook for another friend. (Due 01/25)
05. Get in contact with another friend regarding his home business (Michael’s assignment). (Due 01/23)
06. Get in touch with our friend/priest for Naomi’s baptism (Michael’s assignment).
07. Set up posts for next two weeks.
08. Reset ads on Kijiji.
08. Get bloodwork done.
09. Dig out exercise videos and yoga mat for February.

It might not seem like much, I know, but for now, that’s enough. I can accomplish a lot but I am a goal-oriented person, so having a list to go by will certainly help me out. šŸ™‚

Keep checking back to see how I progress!

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