How I (Hope To) Make Money From My Junk

January 7, 2011 at 2:30 PM Leave a comment

I am on the prowl. No closet is safe, no box can hide from me. I am on the hunt for trinkets, treasures, junk and foibles. And what will I do with you when I find you, my pretties?

I will lament. I will lament your purchase, I will bemoan your expense. And I will curse my folly at your acquisition.

An then, I will banish you to The Box. What is the Box, you ask? Why it is the place where all unloved, unwanted and unnecessary trinkets, treasures, junk and foibles will be placed as they begin their journey out of my home and into another’s.

First, they will be put on Kijiji with an optimal price and a notice that I want it sold and no reasonable offer will be turned down. With good pictures and reasonable charges, it is my hope that a little bit of pocket money may be acquired.

If, however, this isn’t successful, I may either try adjusting the price and reposting, or I may simply take down the ad.

Secondly, I will store it aside for a yard sale. If I maintain patience long enough to host said sale, I might make a little more pocket change from your sale then.

However, it is more likely that I will go to our third step before I wait long enough to host a yard sale. The third step being, of course, posting said item on Freecycle for all the city to fight over. It is remarkable what people will take just for the sake of saying “I got it for free!”

And finally, step four. If my treasures cannot be sold and cannot be given away, the world will have spoken and deemed them junk. At which case, I will likely throw them in the trash or, if there is even the least bit of value available, I will donate them to a charity yard sale or event.

My goal is that by April, my home and life will be streamlined in order to give me more time and energy to spend on my work and family. I do not anticipate making a lot of money from this adventure but if nothing else, I would like to see myself make a bit. Even if I don’t make much of anything, at least my home will be empty of more distractions, which is my goal.

It will be fun to see what goes ad what stays. I am interested in how this turns out. Wish me luck!

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