Dear 2011…

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Happy Birthday! I am so glad to experience you! I cannot waitto share so many joys and adventures and lessons and developments. You are going to be quite popular, let me tell you!

Let me give you a little history, so we get to know each other better. I want to be good friends with you, 2011, so I want us to be perfectly clear and honest with each other.

I will admit, some of your brothers and sisters who have come before you were not very kind to me. I have met 29 of them before you, but really we need only concern ourselves with the last seven.

2005 and I found freedom in this year. I left an unpleasant, mentally abusive marriage and reconnected with family with whom I had long been distanced by via my ex-husband.

2006 and I found wonderful happiness. I spent the next two years with a wonderful man who I loved dearly and was well connected with. But I knew it wouldn’t last forever.

2007 and I learned a lot together. We discovered frugality, green living and tried out education again, with excellent results.

2008 and I found rock bottom as the rug was ripped out from under me and my relationship with the
Man I thought was my soul mate ended abruptly and I was homeless, penniless and lost. I was so lucky to have my loving family to help me through the toughest year of my life. I tried several other venues but never found what I was truly meant to be and do.

BUT 2008 was kind to me, at the same time. I graduated (with Honours) from my course; got a great job that no one said I would be able to get; made some great new friends, and met a man who made any other pale in comparison. I met a man who was intelligent, compassionate, gentle, kind and the true soul mate I had never known (and it didn’t hurt that he was oh so handsome!). I met a man who resected me, challenged me, forced me to grow and experience things outside of my own little brain. But the best thing I found in 2008 was Jesus. When nothing else an no one else seemed to stop the pain, he came along and held out His hand. I have held on and never looked back.

2009 ns I experienced many Firsts! First date with that wonderful man from 2008; first time in a “grown up” apartment; first true understanding of my faith. That wonderful man proposed to me on May 31 (the birthday of his good friend, a priest, who would later marry us in September). First real honeymoon. First trip out of the country. First trip to Texas. First trip to New Orleans. And (drumroll please!) First pregnancy!

And 2010 and I have experienced bliss. I gave birth to our beautiful daughter on May 31 (exactly 1 year after our engagement). We have been happily and emphatically raising her together, striving to love her and teach her to be a caring, nurturing person who respects herself, her planet and the people around her. We have also determined that I will stay at home with her and not return to my previous job, and will find other ways to subsidize my contribution to our income.

And now, dear 2011… What do you have in store for us? Let’s make a commitment to each other to be kind, respectful and honest with one another. We wish to fulfill each other’s goals, don’t we? Let’s work together to make this a wonderful year for both my family, me and you, dear 2011.

Help me to provide for my family as both a homemaker and a nominal breadwinner. Help me to stop focusing so much on things that don’t matter like my iPhone, my hip size and the dust bunnies in the corner. Help me to enjoy my family as they deserve, with fun activities, quiet cuddles, and lots of hugs and kisses. And finally, dear 2011, help me to love myself and make my health, sleep, diet, exercise, motivation, attitude and faith a top priority.

What would you expect from me, dear 2011? I hope I don’t disappoint!


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