Celebrating Our First Family Christmas (SPOILER ALERT — No Family Peeking Allowed)

December 19, 2010 at 9:51 PM Leave a comment

Naomi will be almost seven months this week. We are so excited and so blessed at the idea of celebrating this marvelous holiday with our most precious and beautiful gift from the Lord.

Our parents on both sides have come up on their retirement age and I am very happy for them all. My mother and step-father have already settled in their beautiful new home. We are excited at the prospect of Christmas dinner with them in their lovely bungalow. Next year, Mike’s parents’ home will be finished in the Valley and we will likely call on them over the holidays there.

After that, however, Naomi will be two and a half and we want to begin our own holiday traditions with her. As such, after these initial two years, our following Christmases will be celebrated at our own home, with just the three (possibly four by then!) of us together. Although I enjoy celebrating with our wonderful families, I am deeply eager to experience the wonder of Christmas in my daughter’s eyes with ourselves at home, together.

I am also pleased to say that I have made all my gifts this year (except Mike’s. It’s hard to work on a gift for someone who lives in your home!). Since I know none of my family will see this before Christmas (because I know you all saw the warning in the title, right?), I will let you in on a glimpse of our Christmas list.

For both sets of parents, as well as my grandmother, we created a photobook of Naomi’s first six months. For my brother, I compiled several live CDs of his favorite stand-up comic. For my sister-in-law, a season of her favorite show. For my lovely daughter, a Christmas stocking (won’t be ready before Christmas though). And finally, we will be pooling money with Mike’s family for a donation to a local homeless shelter instead of offering up gifts.

I will not be posting a menu this week, since we will be out visiting and enjoying the holidays throughout the week and not likely to be home every night; what’s more, we will need to eat up any extra produce and anything about to go bad. Can’t be wasting foods and money!

What about you? How are your holidays shaping up?

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