The Blessed Value of Grandparents

December 1, 2010 at 10:30 PM Leave a comment

My husband and I live within a 45 minute drive from both our parents (with exception of my father, who went Home to Jesus ten years ago). We have been very blessed to have their loving support in so many venues. My ENT scheduled an ultrasound for a cyst I have on my thyroid on the same day I had scheduled my dentist appointment. Today, of course. My daughter just turned 6 months yesterday and is an active little tike. Were it not for my lovely and nurturing mother, we would’ve never accomplished everything we set out to do today.

She fell asleep on our drive to the dentist. During my two hour appointment, my mother sat in the car while Naomi peacefully napped, then cuddled, played, walked and sang with her for another hour and a quarter until I was finished. We then made a quick trip to a local baby store where my desire for a babywearing coat was fulfilled, and then ate a quick lunch (during which Naomi napped again).

My ultrasound, including wait time, was again over an hour, during which my mother chirped, sang, bounced, walked, fed and otherwise entertained my daughter while I was otherwise incapacitated. She then drove us home, bundled me up on the couch, got me some tea, and let me relax awhile. It was so lovely to have her extra hands to support Naomi and I throughout the day. Had we not had her help, we’d surely have had to do all our errands on seperate days.

I cannot count the number of times my wonderful step-father came to pick us up and drive us somewhere for an appointment or errand. Almost all of Naomi’s doctors appointments have been chauffered by Grampy.

On Michael’s side, Grandma and Granddad are always pitching in wonderful practical manners — purchases of household products, food, help with repair of our vehicles, or dinners and visits. We are so lucky to have them all involved in our daughter’s life, and are thankful for the loving, nurturing relationship that grows between them all and Naomi. Their wisdom, concern and assistance is more than appreciated, and we thank Jesus for blessing us so richly.

How about you? How have your parents blessed your family?

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