A Simple Birthday

November 4, 2010 at 2:37 PM Leave a comment

My beloved and I share the same birthday.  In fact, our birthday has a lot of strange coincidences involved in it. But today, we celebrate my 29th and his 37th.  Because we are trying to keep things frugal and simple, we decided to skip any extravagant gifts or dinners out.  We are happy to have each other and Naomi.  That will do us just fine.

I have been working on my knitting.  I just started teaching myself last year.  I had been working on a knit scarf for him since last year.  Most of it was done while I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding this past year.  I finally got it completed today.  It’s on 10mm needles (I used the wrong size) and while it is very thin width-wise, it’s actually very thick and warm.  I cannot wait to see Michael model it for me.

I also wanted to attempt a cake.  I can bake bread in no time flat. C ookies aren’t much trouble either.  But cakes have always seemed a little daunting to me.  However, growing up, my mom made a delicious peanut butter cake for us on occasion that I thought would be perfect to share today.  So I sorted through numerous recipes and chose this one (by the way, the post before the cake recipe is worth the read!).  It was a work in progress all day.  Every time Naomi went for a nap, I worked on it.  When she went for her big nap in the morning, I got all the ingredients ready, so when she woke up, I could run the mixer and put it together quickly.  I also got the frosting done.  During her second nap, I was able to put the cake together.  I baked them in two square pans, instead of one big cake pan.  This made them a little thinner, but it made a double layer cake.  I can’t wait to try it.  I’ll post a review of it after supper.

Supper itself is a pot of beef and rice that I have also had going throughout the day.  Once Michael comes home, we’ll have a good meal, a slice of cake, and spend our evening playing with our baby girl and relaxing.  I am anticipating a lovely, simple birthday.  🙂

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