Naomi’s Favorite High Chair Toys

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Little Sheep’s Favorite ToysAt this point, we haven’t spent a dime on Little Sheep’s toys. The majority of them have been gifts or aquired secondhand off Freecycle. But to our surprise, Little Sheep has been born with a love for the simple and the frugal.

These are her favorite toys. Simple household objects that entertain her for as long as she can hold them in her hands.

We didn’t really realize how simple a baby toy could be until she was old enough to sit in her high chair. Once she was able to do that comfortably, we tried several things to keep her entertained while I cooked/cleaned in the kitchen. But what surprised me was how fascinated she was at the sight of a set of metal measuring spoons I was using one day. These quickly became her favorite rattle. I realized that all the plastic junk toys we’d collected couldn’t hold a candle to a good bunch of regular kitchen utensils.

Her first favorite is the wooden spoons. She loves to chew on them and bang them against her high chair, and listen to the smacking sound it makes. She also likes it when we pile the plastic pudding and yogurt cups into pyramids and then she swings her spoon awkwardly into them, causing a giggling crash.

Her other favorite is the wrapper from a package of crackers. I know it is never ever ever a good idea to let a child play with plastic bags, at the risk of suffication. However, the plastic here is stiff, too big to swallow, sand crinkly and makes the best crumpling sound. It does not tear easily and maintains its crinkle for a long time. I trimmed off the ragged edges with a pair of scissors and let her crumple it in her hands. It also holds up to washing frequently without tearing or damage, so it can be cleanes easily. As soon as it starts to look like it might break down, I replace it with a new wrapper. This has been quite entertaining to watch. As soon as she starts cutting teeth, however, this one is gone.

The net is from a bag of avacados. Itis fun to put stuff in and let her explore how to get it out, such as face cloths, small toys, clean cloth wipes and even little feet. I love the puzzled look on her face trying to figure it out.

A clean dish towel serves as a great way to play “Find the Baby”. I simply drape it over her head, and then start calling her name in a sing-song voice, wondering where my baby went. I can usually put an item or two away before she finds her way out.

But the best toy is, as always, Mommy and Daddy. Especially playing Peekabo, grabbing little feet, making funny faces or telling stories with lots of big hand gestures.

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